Birel’s motorsport history can be dated back to the 1950s when Umberto Sala began crafting karts as a hobby. His passion for motorsport quickly shone through and it wasn’t long before the Birel chassis was being used competitively with brother, Guido Sala, behind the wheel.

Birel continued to grow and experience success, but it was in the mid 80s that they showed their true potential, especially after Mika Hakkinen joined the team. They claimed four Junior World Championship titles between 1982 and 1986.

Whilst Birel continued to adapt to the ever changing market and has great success with racing stars such as Robert Kubica, a great partnership was on the way.

ART Grand Prix

In 2011, Nicolas Todt launched a new karting project under ART Grand Prix, which aimed to provide drivers and customers with top-quality products and assistance, both on-track and off.

Birel ART

During the 2014 season, ART Grand Prix and Birel Group joined forces to create Birel ART, a new venture aimed at becoming one of the main protagonists of the international Karting scene.

Birel ART has merged Birel’s great tradition, technologically advanced manufacturing capability and organizational experience with the very successful racing DNA of ART Grand Prix, the only racing team present at all levels of the motorsport ladder leading to Formula 1 – from Karting to Formula Renault 2.0, GP3 and GP2 Series – that has seen the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, and Sebastian Vettel through its ranks.

Birel ART also launched a new line in association with F1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo. “Ricciardo Kart” is a line of go-karts which covers a range of categories, from Mini-kart, to Rotax and the CIK-FIA classes.